Save time and money by using K-Tech rope sensors. They install in about half the time and don't need to be installed on every rope. Available in most rope sizes from 4 to 8 ropes.

K-Weigh Elevator Rope Sensor Load Weighing Sensor Kit
from 545.00

K-Tech rope sensor load weighing kits use our new, high capacity sensors mounted to your elevator's ropes (typically 1/2" to 5/8" inch) to measure the weight on your platform or car when loaded with freight or passengers.

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Affordable and accurate, K-Tech crosshead sensors are now made in house. They're smaller, easier to install, incredibly accurate, and even come with the drill bit you need for the crosshead!

K-Weigh Elevator Crosshead Load Weighing Sensor Kit
from 144.00

K-Tech Crosshead Load Weighing Sensor Kit

K-Tech crosshead sensors use an in-house built strain gauge mounted to your structural cross-member (typically your crosshead) to measure your platform or car when loaded with freight or passengers.

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When you don't have ropes or a crosshead to measure weight through tension or deflection, K-Tech floor sensors come to the rescue. Available in corner mount and center mount configurations, they're the perfect solution for load weighing hydraulic and some MRL elevator installations.

K-Weigh Elevator Floor Sensor Load Weighing

K-Tech Floor Sensor Load Weighers

Floor sensor load cells are IP65 pressure sensors that are mounted below your car-station floor to record interior cab weight. The corner mounted load cells sit at each corner of the floor and connect to the controller via an interface.

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