Keypad Phone - Liberator Series

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Keypad Liberator.png

Keypad Phone - Liberator Series

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Keypad Phone - Low Profile Surface Mount

Surface mounted phones sit less than 1" off their flat mounting surface.

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The Liberator series keypad phone meets all safety standards by providing the built-in features necessary to promptly connect, identify, and respond to calls for assistance. The keypad also allows the user to place and answer non-emergency calls. Used with the K-Tech Surecom, the keypad speakerphone serves as an outbound intercom station. The Liberator phone is typically used as an emergency elevator phone that can be retrofitted to any panel on an elevator, but it’s also perfect for locations that require two-way speakerphone communication where multiple numbers can be dialed at will.

Features of the Commander Series include

  • Keypad dial

  • On/off button

  • Volume control

  • Hands free operation - no handset

  • Less than one inch deep

  • #4 brushed steel (standard)

  • Industrial quality construction


Applications include

Home elevators - Elevator lobby and landing stations - Apartment buildings - Secured entry - Dorms


Models Available


  • ET301-LP - Low profile brushed stainless steel


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