Liberator - Low Profile Surface Mount


Liberator - Low Profile Surface Mount

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LIBERATOR - Low Profile Surface Mounted Phones

Surface mounted phones sit less than 1" off their mounting surface.  Available in both AC and line powered versions and in 2 finishes (stainless steel and polished bronze).

Liberator style:
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The Liberator series phones meet all safety standards by providing the built-in features necessary to promptly connect, identify, and respond to calls for assistance. The momentary press of the phone activation button puts it all into motion!  An automatic dialer is provided to dial out to an auxiliary location. In buildings that are not staffed 24/7, multiple phone numbers can be programmed that will sequentially cycle through if there is no answer or a busy signal is detected. The recordable voice message is used to identify location and provide any dispatch and/or other information specific to the site. Automatic shut-off ensures that the phone is always ready for the next call. The K-Tech Liberator is typically used as an emergency elevator phone, but can also be used anywhere two-way voice communication over speakerphone is required.

Features of the Liberator Series include

  • Only one inch deep (L 6.25” x H 6.75” x D 1”)

  • Compatible with SOUNDNET™

  • Vandal resistant

  • Hands-free speakerphone

  • Five number automatic dialer

  • Built-in keypad and remote programming

  • Automatic and programmable shut-off

  • Non-volatile memory

  • Braille label and visual indicator

  • Two voice announcement messages

  • Voice prompted programming

  • Automatic answer and shut-off

  • Metal push-button

  • Weather protection available

  • Line monitoring ready (AC models only)

Applications include

Elevators - Wheelchair lifts - Areas of rescue - Parking garages - Hallways - Poolside - Entry - Security - Campus - Gated areas - Hospitals - Safety compliance - Government buildings - Airports - Malls


Models Available


  • ET901A-LPSS-3 - Low profile brushed stainless steel

  • ET901A-LPBR - Low profile brushed bronze

  • ET901A-LPSS-WP-3 - Low profile weather protected in brushed stainless


  • ET401A-LPSS-3 - Low profile brushed stainless steel

  • ET401A-LPBR - Low profile brushed bronze

  • ET401A-LPSS-WP-3 - Low profile weather protected brushed stainless steel


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