Multi-Pack 3 and 4 Pack 42" Safety Barricades

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Multi-Pack 3 and 4 Pack 42" Safety Barricades

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K-Tech 42" Safety Barricades

Bear-i-cade light weight panels protect pedestrians from hazardous areas. They are available in several different materials at several different price points so you always have the right barricade for the right situation. Available as single barricades or in multi-packs with locks and anchors!

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K-Tech barricades are light weight panels that are designed to protect pedestrians from hazardous areas. Available individually or in 3 or 4 packs with locks and anchors (shown here), they are made of rugged 6mm corrugated polypropylene. The ANSI approved bright yellow color and black graphics are easily seen and 'Caution' is bolstered by the universally recognized 'stop' icon. The flat bottom edge keeps tools and hardware from straying out of the work area. The 32 inch wide panels can be interlocked to form any width or shape. The 42 inch height, locks and anchors meet the requirements of the 2005 Field Employees Safety Handbook. K-Tech barricade locks keep the barricade panels ridged.

Features of the 42 inch barricade 3 or 4 pack include

  • Rugged 6mm thick panels

  • Light weight

  • Rugged construction

  • OSHA colors

  • Interlocking panels

  • International symbol

  • High contrast text

  • Meets safety standards

  • Corrugated Polypropylene

  • Flat bottom edge

  • Easy to clean

  • Includes self-storing locks

  • Includes anchor kit with large 3.25” suction cups

  • Custom colors available as special order

Applications include

Safety warning - Maintenance - Construction area - Sound control - Electrical safety - Screening - Janitorial work - Security - Elevator maintenance - Escalator maintenance

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