SUREcom Emergency Override - ET92A


SUREcom Emergency Override - ET92A

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SUREcom Emergency Override - ET92A

The SUREcom override is a device that sits in your machine room, fire station, or front desk that allows local emergency response personnel to connect with one or all active emergency phones

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The SUREcom series phone is a low costs solution for providing communication from the machine room and/or lobby to your elevators in compliance with ANSI regulation A17.1, 1996-2000 and provides emergency personnel call in-progress override in accordance with ANSI regulation A17.1, 2002-2007.

Features of the SUREcom

  • Communication from machine room and/or lobby to up to 8 elevators (AC powered phone required when using more than one phone with a SUREcom)

  • Contact one or all elevators on the system

  • Use with new or existing K-Tech SUREphones

  • Easy to install with modular RJ11 jacks and screw terminals for quick and easy wire connections

  • Easy to use - Pick up machine room or lobby override handset and automatically be connected to elevator SUREphone(s). Simply hang up to disconnect

  • Economical - Shares existing SUREphone emergency elevator phones and wiring

  • Works with a single line powered phone or up to 8 AC powered phones

  • UL listed metal enclosure and power supply

  • Flame retardant thermoplastic alloy container

  • Battery backup included


Applications include

Emergency responder location - Security station - Help desk - Mechanical room - Maintenance office


Models Available

SUREcom machine room and lobby to elevator communication

  • ET92A - SUREcom override with handset station

  • ET105 - SUREcome handset station only

  • ET105-2 - SUREcom 2 line handset station only

  • ET105-4 - SUREcom 4 line handset station only


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