Universal Mount Emergency Phone With Dual Use Speaker

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Universal Mount Emergency Phone With Dual Use Speaker


The ET901A-OEMV emergency phone combines our AC powered universal mount phone with a dual use speaker to provide a single audio source for your annunciator.

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The Commander series phones meet all safety standards by providing the built-in features necessary to promptly connect, identify, and respond to calls for assistance. The momentary press of the phone activation button puts it all into motion! An automatic dialer is provided to dial out to an auxiliary location. In buildings that are not staffed 24/7, multiple phone numbers can be programmed that will sequentially cycle through if there is no answer or a busy signal is detected. The recordable voice message is used to identify location and provide any dispatch and/or other information specific to the site. Automatic shut-off ensures that the phone is always ready for the next call. The dual-use speaker allows the phone to be used in conjunction with your annunciator, removing the need for a second speaker to be placed in the cab. The OEMV allows you to send any 2 pin auxiliary audio signal (+,-) to the phone and upon activation of the emergency phone, the audio input will automatically switch its source from the auxiliary audio to the phone line audio.

  • OEMV - Our universal model with the dual-use speaker, the mic and speaker are 1" apart. This phone is designed to mount in a position where the mic and speaker share the same opening on the elevator panel. Total dimensions are 4.75"x7"x1.5"

Other Commander Models Available (here)

  • OEM - Our typical mount, the mic sits at the top and the speaker on the bottom. Distance from mic to speaker is 5.875" and the total dimensions are 9.5"x4.75"x2"

  • CM - This model locates the mic in the center of the phone mount. The distance from mic to speaker is 2.5" and the total dimensions are 9.5"x4.75"x2"

  • CS - This model puts the speaker in the center of the phone mount. The distance from mic to speaker is 3.375" and the total dimensions are 9.5"x4.75"x2"

  • KIT - The 401/901 Kit consists of the phone circuitrya mic, LED, button wire, and speaker. It uses high-bond adhesives to mount to the COP or whatever custom situation you have, perfect for custom or unique COP installations. Total dimensions are 4.50"x4.0"x2"

Features of the Commander Series OEMV with Dual-Use Speaker include

  • Extra-large 2.75” speaker with 10 times the volume of our OEMU phone

  • Compatible with SOUNDNET™

  • Vandal resistant

  • Hands-free speakerphone

  • Five number automatic dialer

  • Built-in keypad and remote programming

  • Automatic and programmable shut-off

  • Non-volatile memory

  • Visual indicator

  • Two voice announcement messages

  • Voice prompted programming

  • Automatic answer and shut-off

  • Uses remote button (not included)

  • Weather protected option available

  • Line monitoring ready (AC models only)

Applications include

Elevators - Wheelchair lifts - Areas of rescue - Parking garages - Hallways - Poolside - Entry - Security - Campus - Gated areas - Hospitals - Safety compliance - Government buildings - Airports - Malls

Models Available


  • ET901A-OEMV - Universal mount emergency phone with dual-use speaker


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